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  1. Next Level,
    I was wondering if Next Level always holds the camps in one location or if the coaching staff & Next Level moves around the United States?
    I am a coach out of Fort Worth Texas and have found your instructional clips of catchers training to be VERY high quality training methods. Next Level is exactly what north Texas needs. Maybe you have already been in this area but I have 3 catchers I would like to send to your camps. I will have all 3 create their profile on the profile link. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Dave, unfortunately at this time we are not quite ready to get out and travel. We are barely keeping up with the demand here in our area.
      We are adding a ton of instructional content from the mental side, to drills, etc. You can find the subscription on
      We have had quite a few people interested in Texas, so maybe that is a place to look into in the coming year.

  2. So my son is 11 years old and will be turning 12 in Dec. He plays club ball with a traveling team and is also a part of a show case team which also travels the country competing in showcase tourneys. He has been receiving private lessons in catching for a couple years now. My question is, do you guys have a an age requirement and where is camp based out of? I would love to start my son in your program.

  3. What seasons do you hold your camps? What months or date do you have these camps? Are they annual events? We live in Hawaii, but we can go to LA. We can only travel when our kids are on break from school. Our school system runs a little different than the mainland schedule. My parents have a home in Hollywood, so it won’t be so hard to travel. My son attends a private school and they are pretty strict when it comes to taking them out of school. What is the cost of your events? Aloha , love to hear from you.

  4. Hello I would like to take my son Moses to attend one of your camps we live in Yuba City, Ca. Can you please send me a schedule for camps.
    Thank you

  5. Next Level,
    First let me say thank you for the videos you have posted online. It has helped me better my sons catching mechanics at Little League level. I do have a question though. How old does my kid have to be to attend one of your camps? Any information would be helpful. Thank you again.

  6. Hi Justin,

    I wanted to give a double fist-bump to you and your coaches for the tremendous effort you put forth in teaching, coaching, and reinforcing all things “catching.” As one of the toughest positions in baseball, you teach a multitude of physical & mental tools, framing/receiving/blocking/footwork, set-up/stances, and helping pitchers get their strikes. You guys cover it all with the fundamentals and professional tips that help catchers progress to that next level where little things make a difference or can make the game.

    As a parent, I watch you guys wear your catching gear with pride and get down to demonstrate various skills. What is really impressive is your caring, positive approach to the catchers who are trying so hard to get better. You support these athletes like an extended family and give them shout outs on social media.

    I highly recommend NLCA to catchers and parents out there looking for that priceless catcher training that is so hard to find. Every time we attend, my kid wont stop talking about the things he learned on the car ride home. Thanks Justin!

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