A Catching Curriculum for Coaches and Catchers

Our remote training program will return in September as we will use the next eight weeks to add content and reload for the Fall (off-season).

Become the coach that will build a legacy of championship catchers for your college or high school program.

“Building a Legacy of Championship Catchers”

Discover how Next Level Catching Academy is helping coaches and catchers raise the level of play.

The training process matters

Get eight 45-min programmed workouts every month with video instructions and demonstrations on each drill.

Understand how to train

Experience practice planing for catchers by previewing drills and exercises that complement skill development.

Increase your value

As you learn concepts and understand how to think like a catching coach, you will make a deeper impact.

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What Makes The MaxOne/NLCA App Unique?

  • Follow a college-style training session from your phone
  • Receive content improving all catching skills: Blocking, Throwing, Flexibility, footwork, agility, leadership, etc.
  • Clear instructions on how to perform drills properly, why, how, and movements to avoid

Catchers play the most important defensive position on the field, yet are the most under-coached.

– Next Level Catching Academy

That’s why we created a systematic training program where coaches can develop catchers and bring high-level training to their catchers. We will break up each of the year into three different training seasons. With each season having it’s own subscription.

Pre-season: January-March.  A mixture of mobility, athleticism, catching fundy’s, and conditioning of the body. 

Championship season: April-June.  This is the maintenance skill phase, while we challenge higher levels of concentration and anticipation during drill work, with renewed focused on flexibility and recovery. 

Fall-season: October-December.  Heavy on mobility, flexibility, and the catching fundy’s while catchers make gains in the weight room. 

We know catchers burn to confidently perform and separate themselves from their competition. With over a decade of experience hosting year-round training events, NLCA has helped develop hundreds of varsity, college and professional catchers. The time has come to extend our training to catchers that may not have the means to train with us in-person in Southern California and after many requests, we have brought our catching camps to directly to you.

So, what do I get with my subscription?

  • Three months of seasonal focused work for your catchers
  • Eight programmed workouts each month, with a total of approximately 40 drills per month
  • Explanatory video demonstrations that include a focus, keys to success, and movements to avoid.
  • Access to a catching community with the shared goal of applicable knowledge
  • Flexibility to break up the workouts for your catchers and build practice plans or pre-game routines.
  • NLCA’s best teaching practices and over 260 drills that are proven to be difference-makers

Here’s an example of the eight workout structure you get:

These workouts get mapped to a monthly calendar:

When you click on a workout, you get an easy to follow breakdown of each exercise, instructional video and drills:

Workout 1 Example
Workout 2 Example

“Building a Legacy of Championship Catchers”

What’s the investment?

$95/training season (each session=three months)

This programmed content will be available for you to reuse and review through each training season. Within each season coaches and catchers will have the ability to go back and revisit drills or instructional segments that are most effective. Not only are coaches investing in their programs and their catchers, but they are also investing in themselves as quality catching instructors are some of the toughest positions to fill and bring great opportunity to those looking to coach at the higher levels.

Get a 7-day free trial (two workout sessions).

Maximize this catcher training program by devoting yourself to this training season (Preseason: January-March) and experiencing the effectiveness to lead your catching crew.

Training Tools To Consider:

This training program will systematically build skills and improve the overall catching experience of our catchers. Many of these drills can be done with minimal training tools, however, we have included a list of suggested training tools that will match and enhance the training videos. Most of these tools are directly connected to improving receiving skills and will challenge the mind-body connection to increase muscle memory. Some of these tools will also assist the strengthening of catcher-specific movements including arm-strength.

  • Mini Golf-Whiffles
  • 6″ Foam Frisbees
  • Soft-Hit Foam Balls
  • Tennis Balls
  • Heavy ball or Plyo balls (14, 20, 32 oz)
  • 60″ Wooden Dowel or 60″ PVC Pipe
  • All-star Focus Framer 28″ Training Mitt
  • All-star Weighted Training Mitt “The Anvil”
  • Jaeger Bands
  • Cuff weights and dumbells: 3, 5, or 8 lb.
  • Pitching Machine: fastballs and breaking balls

Subscribe, download the MaxOne app and create a Coach’s Profile to receive updates, notes, and announcements.