Catching Instructors

Next Level Catching Academy prides itself on being a grass-roots organization.  Our philosophy and teaching practices vary pending on the ages of our catchers and our instructors have experience with the very foundational levels, up through the collegiate and professional levels.

All of our instructors have played at least at the collegiate level with five (of the ten) having profession playing experience.   NLCA is also very blessed in bringing out guest instructors that bring a different, fresh perspective to the academy and its catchers.

7 comments on “Catching Instructors

  1. Hello coaches,

    I am interested in catching lessons for my 13 year old son, please shoot me and email so I can get more info.


  2. Hello coaches I am interested in catching lesson for my 17 year old son if possible maybe he can attend one of your camp. Can you send my some information were your camp will be located. Thanks

  3. I have an 11 year old son.He plays baseball and he’s a catcher, & 2nd ever I want him to be thought by the best I know all about your program.soo with that being said can I enroll him in this program Next Level catching academy.

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