Junior Division (5th-7th grade)

We had tremendous success in 2018 with the launching of our Junior Division and we want to communicate a small adjustment that we are making for 2019 and beyond.  We want to communicate that this division is designed for 5th-7th grade catchers that have some experience catching and who are capable of competing with LL/Pony League All-Star players or AA (and above) in the travel ball circuit.  We have a curriculum that we have built that can be adjusted for the intermediate player who is learning the position and for the advanced 8th grader, but it will be very difficult to appropriately serve and train a player who is inconsistent with the basic elements of playing catch.  All of our camps involve small group sessions with a ratio of about 4 catchers per 1 coach and the ages for the sessions will mostly go by grade level and ability.


The goal with this division is to teach our younger guys the fundamentals in similar fashion that we have been training our high school catchers going back to 2010.  The camps for this division will slightly adjust and will be about 2 hours and 15 minutes.  Due to the lengthening bodies for this age group, there may be a slightly sharper focus on strength and posture for the catchers.  There will also be an adjustment for the Pop-time charts and Video Analysis as well.  We want to be sure not to overwhelm our youngsters with too much information as they get their feet wet.  As they commit to training and age into our upper division, they will certainly receive all the age-appropriate elements to continue their development.  The vision to have ongoing interaction with our catchers’ remains the same and we hope that our young catchers will be as committed to training as our older catchers have been.


If there are any new catchers, it is important to visit the “New Catcher Profile” and create a profile and receive all camp notifications, dates and registrations links.  You will also receive notices to order discounted Allstar catching gear from us at the appropriate ordering periods.


Take a sneak peak at one of our Junior Division camp from  a few months back.