Under Construction: NLCA Monthly Modules

What You Get:

  • Top-level coaching every month
  • NLCA Catching Journal (You print out)
    • Learning how to track and own your development
    • Tools to help implement daily practice into your routine
  • Daily/Weekly exercises to implement at home
  • Leadership Outlook (Practical leadership tools)

Purpose of the NLCA Monthly Module

We are thrilled to work on this new project and reach catchers who are near and distant.  

The objectives for our monthly modules are to teach catchers a systematic approach by bringing applicable knowledge and building a work-ethic format with them.  

We believe this systematic approach will create a sense of ownership for each catchers’ development, especially for those catchers who are quite far from us or who are not able to train with us consistently.  

The modules will not necessarily match up with our monthly training sessions, but they will enhance our camps as we will be able to review some of the details of the modules and it will help our catchers get a deeper grasp on the catching position.  

Sneak Peek: Monthly Module for June

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