New Catcher Profile

Please click and follow this CATCHER PROFILE LINK to add your catcher to our database (profile will not be shared).  Instructions will be quick and easy to follow and you will be directed to the second step once his profile is complete.

For those who are interested in taking their skills to the next level, we ask that you take the first step in creating a Catcher Profile.  Our philosophy is simple, train catchers who have the desire to learn, train, and apply the skills as we work on a consistent basis.

There are skills and then there are talents or natural ability.  We seek to help catchers learn all the skills necessary that allow them to use their natural abilities and maximize their performance behind the plate.

We do not hold tryouts or screen our catchers.  We are working to expand the ages that we serve and the locations.  Our Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, and Orange County camps will train catchers 13 years and up, however, we have started our Junior Division for ages 10-12 years old.  We take catchers from all levels and challenge them based on their experience level, as we ensure to build a foundation and progress to teach the advanced elements of position as catchers gain feel and consistency.