New Catcher Profile

Please click and follow this CATCHER PROFILE LINK to add your catcher to our database and receiving email notifications and registration links for future events.  Filling in the Catcher Profile will be quick and easy to follow. Each catcher will have his own profile and have the freedom to remove or edit any details as needed.  This will help us get to know our catchers and allow them receive our training notifications. 

Our philosophy is simple, train catchers who have the desire to learn, develop, and apply the skills as we put the work in on a consistent basis. There are skills and then there are talents or natural abilities.  We seek to help catchers learn all the skills necessary that allow them to use their natural abilities and maximize their performance behind the plate.  As the knowledge and skills develop, so too will confidence and performance increase, leading to further competitive opportunities. 

Our Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley training camps will train catchers 10 years and up, however, there will be a few training events that focus on specific ages. We do not hold tryouts or screen our catchers, catchers must simply bring a growth mindset and be prepared to work.