Aug. 2. Foot-Tracking (throwing delivery), Lateral Blocks, Wild Pitches

Aug. 2 Pop Chart. Foot Tracking.

We really challenged our catchers to be able to work outside the box we call the strike zone.  Catchers are to command a consistent delivery and work towards consistent accuracy regardless of the location of the pitch.  Our drill work emphasized “dancing” with the incoming pitch and taking our feet and lining them up on the same track where the ball pops the mitt.  Our discussions circle on how doing this properly allows for our hands and feet to stay in sync with each other due to a consistent transfer (no reach), which keeps their rhythm locked in and fluid.  As catchers maximize their efficiency their muscle memory on delivery, should allow for maximal power through the release as well as an ease in reaching the desired release point for accuracy.

Most newer catchers to our program will have experienced a slightly slower time and less accuracy on the pitches “away” than on the pitches middle, or inside (to RH).  As improvement takes place and continuity of this skill develops, catchers should be slightly quicker and more accurate on pitches “away” due to quicker feet and hands on that throwing side of the body.

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