Oct. 18 Pre-pitch, Bunt-Plays, Bunt Pops

Oct. 18 Pre-pitch, Bunt-Plays, Bunt Pops

Pre-pitch movement is the concept that is used with all other defensive positions, which enables defenders to be more explosive with multiple skills. This is a foundational concept in our throwing philosophy that ties directly with footwork and synced release (hands/lower body) and relates with throwing power, extension and accuracy.   Just like all the other components of throwing, pre-pitch movement must be combined with the other aspects of throwing to experience maximal throwing efficiency. Below are a few point of emphasis in regards to effective pre-pitch movement.

  • Stance with proper center of gravity (over arches of feet) is key along with good hip/back angle.
  • Catchers must be on time. Catchers know the velocity of the incoming pitch as well as the type of pitch. They can anticipate the base stealer and see him break before the ball is released by the pitcher. Catchers should have good knowledge regarding the timing of his pitchers’ delivery out of the stretch. This is the mental aspect of throwing.    
  • Rock through the plane of the pitch and feel the slight push+rotation from the left foot kick starting footwork.
  • Rhythm must be on-plane with the incoming pitch and should begin anywhere from 7-12 feet before the ball crosses home plate. Being on-plane leads to a strong power/launch position and allows for efficient leg drive.

Click on the link to view Pop-time Progression Chart. OCT. 18 POP CHART

Next clinic we will combine pre-pitch movement to assist the quickness of footwork.  We like to call this our Pop-to-plant time.  

We had a rockin instructional time on the 6 points of Bunt Plays. To review, see below.

  • Anticipate: Know bunt situations. Know your active or sluggish fielders, especially your pitcher. Know your base runners. Understanding the score and inning will help you know how aggressive or conservative to be on your call/play.
  • Footwork: Lead step and drive with the post leg. “Range” starts here.
  • Good route and low posture as you stride for the ball.
  • Be vocal: “Ball, Ball, Ball” or “Take, Take, Take.” Direct the defense.
  • Proper fielding position: Bend at legs. Lined up to target (except for Reverse Pivot technique). Scoop or claw.
  • Finish the play with a strong, accurate throw.

Limited video footage was available for our sessions, but here is a very brief look.



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