Sept. 20 Block/Recover, Tag plays, Transfers @ULV

Without a doubt one of our best clinics our best clinics of the year.  What’s weird is that we say that after nearly every clinic we put on.  The truth is, the facilities were awesome, our instructors were on cue (again) and our catchers came hungry and ready to get after it.  The hours of preparation are just as important, not just in the week  prior to the training, but also in the camaraderie and uniqueness of how the staff works together.

We welcomed 2 new instructors (Ruben Terrazas and Matt Deleon) this clinic as we continue to work to meet the demand of our growing membership.  As with any production or service, it is an understatement to say that one must surround themselves with great people.  In our case, we have a terrific option of 7-8 instructors that love catching and love serving developing athletes.

The major focus of this clinic was blocking.  All of the detailed points to blocking were addressed in this clinic. In addition, tag plays and transfers were also covered with our catchers.

See the video for some highlights.


Click the link to view the Block/Pop-time Progression chart for this day.  Block/Pop-Time Chart


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