Aug. 29 Footwork (tracking), Lateral Blocking, Bunt Pops

We had another outstanding clinic on this date.  NLCA was truly blessed to host a clinic at the Univ. of La Verne, a spectacular venue.  We were also blessed to have ULV Head Coach Scott Winterburn to instruct and inspire our groups of catchers.  This was also the best catcher to coach ratio we have ever had (8 coaches for our 20 catchers), almost a 2 to 1 ratio. Typically, this is very difficult to do and we are very proud to have served our catchers.

You will find the Pop-time chart emailed to you.  We continue to encourage you to save your charts and review them from season to season.  This clinic you will find that most catchers times and accuracy were challenged as our focus was to work on pitches off the plate.  These types of pitches may reflect a good count to run on (0-1, 0-2, etc.), since pitchers have the advantage and should have a mentality of “If I miss, I will miss off the plate.”  Handling these challenge pitches is a great litmus test for our catchers and will really show which are the guys that will shut down the running game.  As with any of our skills, practice reps are imperative and the determination to execute these throws are crucial.  We encourage all of our catchers to get their homework reps in, two the three times a week.  Not all reps require throwing down to second base.

Our goal as catchers, is to be no more than .12 seconds slower on these challenge pitches, than we we pop on pitches over the white of the plate….and as always…. accuracy is a must.  Get that rhythm and footwork on track and the accuracy will increase.

Enjoy the rest of the clinic summary.  Learn, Review, Share….

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