Jan. 10/11th Receiving (SL), Steal of 3B, Transfers

We kicked off the new year with a soggy 2-session clinic.  This was a clinic where we only made a few small adjustments and still kept all the training/teaching elements and drills that were originally intended for our catchers.  We are so blessed to be able to use facilities that allow us to be out on their field even when there is poor weather.

Below you will find just a brief look at some of our instruction for the day.  Use this as review and as a way to practice the skills to continue developing into a well-rounded catcher.

Missing from this video is instruction on the steal of 3B and back-picking to 3B from the knees.

Steal of 3B:

1-Set up with good proximity to the RH to ensure that both lanes are manageable for the catcher.

2-Footwork is key to ensure a good throwing lane on a pitch middle-away (45 degrees into LH batters box, toward the first base line) and on a pitch middle-in.

3-Feet, hips and shoulders are lined up to the target to ensure the best power and accuracy.

4-Throwing to 3B is different from throwing to 3B in that a quick release is priority over power and accuracy is of the highest priority, because an errant throw could cost your team a run.  Stay aggressive 😉  No one steals on you.



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