Dec. 10th 4th Annual NLCA Catching Olympics

What an incredible day on the field.  We had 25 competitors in 4 divisions and great prizes for our top performers.  Each year we up the ante a notch and we look to do the same next year.



Huge shout out to all of our catchers who trained with us this year.  As an organization we were successful in adding  more opportunities for catchers to train by adding more camps and a few more locations (Orange County).  This helped make our sessions a bit smaller and more personal for our catchers.  We went from averaging 18-21 catchers per session down to 14-17 per session.  We also added a few summer and winter workouts for our college players who come home and want to get some work in.   We also had more college commits and signees than we’ve ever have and ….more high school All-League catchers than ever as well.


We are looking forward to another fantastic 2017.  There is still more to accomplish as an organization and as instructors to better serve and train our catchers.  We will be attending the ABCA Coaches Convention this January, which is a great place to learn and network.  We continue to pray for guidance on this journey, which started exactly 6 years ago with 3 instructors and about 9 catchers.  We have been blessed with some great partnerships (PFA, GameSigns, Allstar Sporting Goods and many others) and we will stay true to the integrity of our mission statement…”The Development Of A Catcher.”

See you January 8th (Inland Empire)

Merry Christmas,