Jan. 23 Tags, Force-outs, Throwing footwork.

Kicking off 2016 with an incredible session, on a turf field was such a blast.  We switched around a few stations and moved throwing to the outfield due to the turf and to show our catchers how we could use lines to give us feedback on the direction and alignment of our post/plant foot.

We did an incredible amount of work on tag-plays, from the mental aspects that lead up to making the right call, to the technical side of setting up to make the play and lowering the risk for injury.


Enjoy, review, share the video summary.


Special thanks to all our committed instructors and Brian Loyd (CSU Fullerton ’95, Padres, Redsox AAA) a guy whom I was privileged to back up in the minors.  He brought tons of energy and knowledge to the event and we were pumped to have him out.

We’ll be gearing up for the next clinic which will be in 3 weeks.