July 23 Chino Hills. Beat the heat with lateral blocking, throwing footwork and pitch-outs

There was no shortage of adversity and challenge on this hot 104 degree day.  Most of our catchers have already experienced catching in adverse conditions as most go to Arizona for various summer tournaments.  Our slightly modified itinerary brought a degree of difficulty and detail to the skills that we worked on with our catchers’.

As catchers review their video analysis and their chart times, it is important to remember that we were stressing handling tough pitches outside of the strike zone.  Many times may have been as much as two-tenths of a second slower (and a decrease in accuracy) than usual.   The goal is to get consistent within one-tenth of a second with accuracy, which can happen when as catchers learn to repeat their delivery regardless of the pitch location.

We want our catchers to understand that developing into a good throwing catcher requires them to have the capabilities to throw with skill and accuracy on various pitch locations by having the proper footwork.

See the in-depth video summary for the day.