With more opportunities to train and in multiple locations throughout Southern California, catchers have more access to learn, maintain and perfect their skills like never before.  We are bringing more catching camps thru the spring, summer, fall and winter.  The demand has been incredible this past year and we are working to delivery these opportunities so that no catcher is left behind.

As with any developmental program, the desire and responsibility to train and work lies solely on the individual.  There is no magic pill, there are no short-cuts and this organization is dedicated to walk side-by-side with catchers as they progress from the pre-high school to high school and on to college.  We have a record number of catchers playing collegiately in our 5th year as a professional organization.  Many of them began training with us since their freshman and sophomore years in high school.  Very few people know just how difficult that jump is (as well as the jump from Frosh to Varsity), and the dedication that it takes to thrive and extend the baseball life of a young player.

“There are two kinds of pain.  The pain of regret and the pain of discipline.”  Tony Robbins.

We can apply this to many areas of our lives and for us adults we know how true this can be.  Let’s assist our young catchers to learn the value of discipline and commitment so that when that day comes, we don’t share in any regrets with them.