Nov. 21 “Covering All The Bases”

In its’ second year, his event is gaining some great momentum and NLCA is receiving excellent feedback on the structure of it.  This camp is split right down the middle with the time allotted to tune-up the defensive and offensive skills, which is something we rarely have the opportunity to do.  This camp ran just under three hours for each session and touched on blocking and receiving, with the bulk defensive time spent on throwing and individualizing the throwing adjustments for each catcher.  Many of our veteran catchers thrived as their defensive work was more about maintaining and staying sharp with their good habits.  While our younger catchers focused a bit more on getting familiar with catching concepts, terminology and kinesthetic feel.


Our instructors were extremely fired up about the level of engagement and individual time spent with catchers, especially during the hitting rotations.  Anytime you have instructors rotating with groups, the depth at which they can assess, reinforce and adjust actions is much greater.



The Catching Olympics are set for Dec. 16th, Saturday.  There will be up to $400 in prizes for the winners of each division.  This is the time to put your skills and composure to the test.  Details will post to the website soon!!!