April 8th….Creating Elite Catchers (Blocking, Tag Plays, Back-picks)

This camp was designed to be heavy on doing the dirty work…blocking and tag plays.  We spent a solid 40 minutes on each of these while going light on the arms and fine tuning our back-picks to 1B.  The video analysis was locked in on the block and recover (with throw to 2B) and using the stop-watch to follow what we have labeled as our block-time.  The stop-watch matches the instincts of great base runners and starts as the ball hits the dirt and stops as the ball pops the mitt.  High school varsity catchers are challenged to be under 3.5 seconds with lower level high school times being under 3.75 seconds.

Click the link to view the camps April 8th Block-Time Chart


We put our catchers’ through extensive work on tag plays, specific to their glove skills and managing short and in-between hops.  Their footwork, timing and positioning was also stressed as well as their concentration.  There was a sharp intensity on building minds that work quickly for these plays.  The enthusiasm was unmatched and the repetitions were plentiful.


Enjoy the clinic summary.  We encourage our catchers to review some of the content from this catching camp and to work hard on their independent reps to stay sharp and lead their teams to victory.


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