Feb. 18th Receiving (FB Glove side), Throwing(transfers and extension), Wild pitches

A huge thanks to Milwaukee’s Stephen Vogt for his generous donation to one of our longtime catchers, Ryan Mendez. Thanks bud!!!

A phenomenal camp for our staff and our catchers, on a beautiful day at Bonita High School.  We really slowed things down a bit to focus on a few details and feel, with our hands for throwing and receiving.  It was great to get the radar out and track velocity for our catchers on their pop-time throws to second.  We don’t usually boast on bells and whistles, but we do feel that the increase in  velocity helps track the increase in arm strength and the progression in the catchers rhythm and delivery.  The chart below tracks the ranges for times and accuracy.  Most pitches were pretty much down the middle, except for a few to our veteran catchers;)

Feb. 18th, 2018 Pop-Chart progression with velo


We have loads of catchers and coaches who watch from all over the globe….we hope the video summary advances the passion to improve for all.  Learn, review and share.