Jan. 6th Rec. 0-1 Slider, Pre-pitch throwing rhythm, Tag plays (communicate)

NLCA put training into gear with a great couple sessions on Jan. 6th.  We ventured into new territory by doing our video analysis on our receiving skill, which was a great learning experience for our catchers and our instructors.  We plan to continue to rotate the skills that we breakdown on our video analysis between throwing, blocking and receiving.


This video summary has all the notes for the three skills, but most of the video highlights are focused on our receiving work.  We welcome our catching families to review the information, share it with others and revisit it from time to time.



Below you will find the Progression Pop-time chart for the session.  We will add it to this portion and make it easy for our catchers to come back and find their progress over time.  Due to the focus of throwing you may notice that your times are slightly better than your game times.  Understand that most of the pitches we threw catchers were down the middle and we were really encouraging use of early, on-plane momentum as if the runner got a great jump.  In future camps we will focus on pitches off the plate, which increase the degree of difficulty and tends to slow the times down.  Above all things, understand that these times mean nothing if we can’t throw with accuracy.  As you work to create a consistent and efficient delivery your time will decrease and your accuracy will increase.

Jan. 6th Progression Pop-Chart


Join us for our next training event on Jan. 28th.  The registration is live on our home page.