Oct. 14th Pre-Pitch Rhythm and Throwing Extension

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated our ‘Clinic Summary’ page to give our followers a small sample of the areas and details that have been covered at our clinics.  In this post, we want to show a very helpful sample of throws made by a few of our advanced catchers.  Our emphasis for our Pop-throws was creating on-plane, pre-pitch rhythm and carrying it into upper and lower body extension.  These components of throwing are imperative to improving your throwing mechanics.  They will increase kinesthetic efficiency in your throwing delivery, which creates added power and velocity.


To join our program, create a ‘New Catcher Profile’ from the menu bar above.  Our program is designed to help all catchers, regardless of their level of experience in catching.  We pride ourselves in teaching the physical components as well as the mental side of catching with clarity, enthusiasm, and repetitions.