Clinic Summary

Pop times, block times and other information are kept per session as objective references that show the progress of our Catchers.

We will also update the clinic area of focus for our session.  We have recently added a few short video summaries of our events and drills which we will work to upload as time permits.  We feel that this is a great way for our Catchers, parents and coaches to review the skills and drills that we train our Catchers’ with.

3 comments on “Clinic Summary

  1. Hello Justin,
    I was referred to your catching academy by another baseball mom. Her son George attends your academy’s. She spoke highly of the program and suggested I contact you. My son is a sophomore at Apple Valley High School. I’d like to get him into future catching clinic days for extra work and training. As your site directed to, he created an account to register for clinics. When will new dates be listed and available to pay for a spot? Thank you very much. Looking forward to attending with my son.
    Marlene Myers

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