Utilizing Video Analysis

Welcome to this new division of Next Level Catching Academy. No matter where you are in the country, or the world for that matter, you have access to our video analysis platform. Utilizing this platform will be user-friendly and your catcher will receive a six to a seven-minute, personalized breakdown of your catcher’s skill. We have utilized this learning tool for almost a decade and our experienced instructors will highlight areas of strength, as well as areas to improve. See the video analysis below to view a sample of this learning tool.

Video Analysis Instructions

Step 1: Select a skill

Throwing, blocking, receiving, etc. The video clip may be from your catchers’ training reps or game reps. Please adjust the clip length to vary from five to twelve seconds if possible.

Recording Video Tutorial

Step 2: Upload via google drive

Load your video to a google drive and share it with our staff at the following email: NextLevelCatchingAcademy@gmail.com.

Please be sure to place the catchers name, skill and date in the subject box.

*It is possible to share a YouTube clip of your catcher as well. Simply link the video in the email.

Upload Video Tutorial

Step 3: $40 Venmo Payment

Use the Venmo username @NextLevelCA. Please enter your catchers name and video analysis, in the “What’s it for?” line to help us track and connect your payment with the video you shared.

You will receive your video analysis as an email link, approximately 6-8 days after your payment has been received.

If you have any questions, please send an email to NextLevelCatchingAcademy@gmail.com

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