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Catching Camps (So. Cal)

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Pre-High School (5th-8th Grade)

Advanced Training (High School and College)

A training program for coaches or individual catchers.

– Training session viewable from your phone on the MaxOne app.

Receive eight 45-min training sessions every month (2/week).

– All major skills will be covered including mobility, arm-care, footwork, flexibility and the mental aspects.

– Each drill comes with an instructional video tutorial.

– A coaching curriculum that will meet your catcher’s needs.

Let’s get to work!!!

Catchers play the most important defensive position on the field, yet are the most under-coached. That’s why we created a systematic training program to develop catchers, because we believe catchers deserve access to high-level training – anytime, anywhere.

Catchers who join our program become better positioned to confidently perform and take their game to the next level. With over a decade of experience hosting year-round training events, NLCA has helped develop hundreds of varsity, college, and professional catchers. The time has come to extend our training to catchers that may not have the means to train with us in person in southern California and in the weeks to come, we will be bringing remote training to you.

By Catchers, For Catchers

NLCA works with early middle school, through college aged catchers to avoid wasted potential and increase competitive opportunities.

Join The Community

  • Get notified for upcoming training events
  • Access our remote training community
  • Access to ordering All-Star catching gear (partnership-pricing)
  • Receive invitations to recruiting seminars through SportsForce Baseball

Catch Confidently

Build the competency to excel and separate yourself from the competition.

Level Up

Be challenged and encouraged by highly-qualified instructors who have all have played collegiately.

Consistent Development

The consistent work you put in, will be measurable and undeniable.

What is it costing you not to train with NLCA?

Catching is the most important position on the field, yet often it is the most under-coached.

Here are the four most common things it costs players not to train with us:

  1. Playing time – Stability and competence behind the plate is coveted by coaches at all levels.
  2. Fulfilling your potential – Looking back and wondering, “What if….?”
  3. Becoming a difference maker – Leaders impact teams, games, families and communities.
  4. Varsity and college opportunities – Talent gets you in the door, but skill, instincts and IQ separates catchers that are desired by recruiters.

NLCA Understands Catcher Needs

At Next Level Catching Academy, we know you want to be the best catcher you can be. In order to do that, you need a guide to help you build the skills to perform and walk you through the mental side to catching.

The problem that exists is the shortage of highly-qualified catching instructor or programs, and catchers rarely receive the reps needed at their team practices. We believe all catchers deserve the opportunity to develop skills, leadership and baseball IQ relevant to the catching position.

We understand how hard it is to find quality coaching, which is why we run in-person catching camps in southern California and have built a worldwide, online catching curriculum that can be accessed from any smartphone, computer, or tablet. Our program puts you in the captain’s seat of your development!!!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out your catcher profile to receive notifications for upcoming training opportunities
  2. Have an internal desire to train and improve as a catcher. It is that simple…

Sign up for your trainings and avoid the sea of mediocrity. It’s time to realize your full capabilities as a catcher.

Catching camps made with you in mind

As former catchers, we understand how hard it is to find quality coaching. We understand how frustrating it is to pay top dollar for an ‘expert’ coach and yet not see much growth. Train with us consistently for five to seven months and experience growth. Catch with confidence, and competence, and be a difference maker for your team.


At NLCA, we are extremely proud to continue our partnership with All-Star Sports where we thrive on developing young catchers.

Leaders in the catching industry.

NLCA catchers will have an opportunity to order equipment (on a bi-monthly basis) at a discounted price.  This opportunity is exclusive and  will only be extended to those who are a part of our catching family.   We are excited for our catching family and are grateful for the good word that they have spread in helping grow our service to catchers.


Our Mission

The mission of Next Level Catching Academy is to provide catching instruction to catchers who love the position and who have aspirations of reaching their full potential as catchers in this great game of Baseball. Our drive is to help catchers attain all the opportunities they deserve to have and help them reach that next level that is before them.

As of 2019, we are adding an age group by training catchers between 5th – 7th grades.  These ages will filter into our Pre-High School Division.   We specialize in catchers who have the commitment to work, learn and maximize their talents.  

NLCA will train the many unique skills that make catching the most difficult position to perform on the diamond.  Our objectives and drills are challenging to each players’ ability level in many areas,  starting with the fundamentals, then progressing through advanced skills as consistency increases.


All aspects of throwing technique ( including picks from knees), Stance/Receiving (all pitches bordering the strike zone), Block and Recover (lateral blocks), Pop-up priority, all Bunt plays and the most exciting play in baseball, Tag Plays at home plate (footwork, glove work, including communication and anticipating).  


We do not limit our instruction to just the physical skills of catchers we will also discuss leadership and other nuances to the position that allows our catchers to grow in their mental game along with their leadership and physical skills.  While we stress the kinesthetic feel of new skills through repetition, we teach anticipation and proper application and at times compete to add stress to maximize performance. 

All skills are broken down and instructed on with detail and focus using a whole-part-whole approach to teaching.  (see the clinic summary drop-down menu for a quick overview of our sessions) Each drill/repetition has a purpose that will become a habit, which will lead to consistent action for that particular skill.

Our catching sessions are level and age-appropriate and we work towards teaching and challenging each catcher to his ability and skill.  This is made possible due to our small catcher to instructor ratio (at or under 4 to 1).  We feel that our catcher’s learn best in a smaller group setting with hands-on instruction that allows for maximum repetitions.  

We pride ourselves in being accessible to catchers, parents, and coaches to answer questions and to give clarity to anything pertaining to our partnership.  We specialize in Video-Analysis for those attending our camps and we provide Progression Charts for Pop-times and Block-Times that allow our catchers to track their progress with objectivity.     

The bottom line is… if you LOVE Catching, you’ll LOVE our training camps.

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“NLCA is hands down the best catching development program around the So Cal. Duarte and his team work beyond catch, throw & block. Each camp circles back on some foundational aspects of catching but always builds on technique, form, footwork, and some of the tiniest details that the casual fan has no idea but a head coach, pitching coach, and pitchers all want and expect at the college and pro levels. Our oldest was one of NLCA’s first students back in 2010 and went on to San Francisco St University and was a 4-time All-Conference Catcher. He has since finished playing Professionally with the Independent San Rafael Pacifics and is an assistant coach with Chico St. He has also frequently been one of NLCA’s trusted instructors the past four years.
Our youngest started much sooner with NLCA and finishing up his senior season in high school and is now attending Point Loma University on a baseball scholarship.
Commit to the program….it works!!!”

Lindsay Family

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