Online Catching Curriculum

As former catchers, we understand how hard it is to find quality coaching. We understand how frustrating it is to pay top dollar for an ‘expert’ coach and yet not see much growth. Train with us consistently for five to seven months and experience growth. Catch with confidence, and competence, and be a difference maker for your team.

Discover how Next Level Catching Academy can help you win the battle behind the plate.

The training process matters

Get eight 45-min programmed workouts every month with video instructions and demonstrations on each drill.

Understand how to train

Experience practice planing for catchers by previewing drills and exercises that complement skill development.

Increase your value

As you learn concepts and understand how to think like a catching coach, you will make a deeper impact, which will provide further coaching opportunities.

So, what do I get with my subscription? $35/month or $90 for three months
  • Three months of seasonal systematic work for catchers
  • Eight programmed workouts each month, with a total of approximately 40 drills per month
  • Explanatory video demonstrations that include a focus, keys to success, and movements to avoid.
  • Access to a catching community with the shared goal of applicable knowledge
  • Flexibility to break up the workouts for your catchers and build practice plans or pre-game routines.
  • NLCA’s best teaching practices and over 270 drills that are proven to be difference-makers